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Different Type of Pouch Packaging Design for Inspiration

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) made it mandatory for pouches to consist of all the essential information. It contains the details related to its manufacturing, such as batch number, MRP, Expiry etc.

As a brand owner, pouch packet design is an incredible opportunity to set them apart from stiff competition. To construct an eye-catchy yet organized packaging design, one has to make sure to follow guidelines . Myperfectpack provided qualified graphic designer, packaging material and printing facility without cylinder and plate making so customer take advantage of digital printing technology.

Myperfectpack provide direct print on pouch with cylinderless technolgy of digital print.
Myperfectpack Different Type of pouches with digital print

1. Two, three or four side-sealed pouch packaging

In this type, the pouch is sealed either on two, three or four sides. With good durability and leak-proof packaging, this is highly reliable and is widely used in food packaging. It ensures the safety of products which is packed inside by their durable finish.

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Brown Kraft Paper with Direct digital print on Pouch

2.Center-sealed sealed pouch packaging:

Center sealed pouch packaging is perfect for thick items and chemical packaging applications. In order to keep the package safe from oxidation, the flexible packaging material is used to make center sealed pouches. These pouches can withstand high temperatures with leakage-proof sealing.

3.Side gusseted pouch packaging:

Though side gusseted packaging is old in style, it’s widely used in the packaging of tea, coffee, powders or spices. Its unique style allows the retailer more space for self-display. The increasing filling volume allows the side gusseted pouch to hold many products. The fold-over bottom of the pouch will enable it to stand up.

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Side Gusset Pouch - Custimized PRinting

4. Vacuum pouch packaging:

The vacuum pouch packaging keeps the product fresh without affecting the product’s quality. It is mostly used in food packaging to keep the food fresh for a long time with the vacuum sealing. Whether it is, dried food, meat or tea, any type of food can be kept fresh by using vacuum pouch packaging. It protects the food from moisture.

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Vacuume Pouch Paking

5. Spout pouch packaging:

The spout packaging is perfect to create an assertive self-presentation of any brand. With temper proof and self-standing capability, this type of packaging is the most attractive packaging style to promote any brand. It is used for packing liquids such as milk, oil or sauces.

Buy Spout Pouch and print on spout pouch without any cylinder or die
Spout Pouch (Laminated Print with Digital Printer)

6. Stand up pouch packaging:

The stand-up pouch packaging is used for food and beverages, which comes with options such as easy peel spout or zip-lock. With excellent self-appeal, this type of packaging is widely used in cargo products.

7. Shape pouch packaging:

Shape pouch packaging is convenient to use for branding and promoting products. As the name suggests, this type of packaging comes with customizable shapes. The retailer can shape the pouch according to their requirements with stand-up capability.

8. Pillow pouch chips packaging

Life, today in 2022, is pacing at a faster rate because of busy work life and hectic schedules. People today are happy if they get something convenient to carry, eat and dispose of. The Pillow pouch chips market is emerging at a rapid speed. When we talk about snacks, chips are the first thing on your mind. Snacking industry is continuously changing; from a stage where it was only known for potato fried chips now is diversified into baked chips, healthy chips. Products are rendering various value offerings such as wheat made, no artificial colours and preservatives. Gluten-free chips are also available to cater for an audience with gluten allergies.

In the snacking industry, it is very challenging to stay at the top and continuously gain a competitive advantage. Consumer likes and preferences are not constant, and your success depends on staying in front of consumers’ mind when their lifestyle and need for food is changing.

Remember visiting any grocery or supermarket, we all get attracted towards those colourful hanging chips at the entrance of a shop or at snacking section. We do impulse purchase of chips, easily open it and fulfil crave. That’s simple, right! We never realize its pillow packaging and its convenience.

9. Digital Printing ( Cylinder less / Without Cylinder Print)

There are various sizes in pouch packaging, which consumers can conveniently opt for as per user requirements without any wastage. Myperfectpack gives a best option to print digitally, laminated pouch which is ready to use as per your customized design . Myperfectpack provides graphic designer services , digital print on pouch with No minimum order options. You can buy standup pouch without any upfront investment like cylinder cost , plate making charges , are not required now

People who want to purchase for multi product pouches can opt for them as per size requirements.

Pouch Packaging Design

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) made it mandatory for pouches to consist of all the essential information. It contains the details related to its manufacturing, such as batch number, MRP, Expiry

As a brand owner, pouch packet design is an incredible opportunity to set them apart from stiff competition. To construct an eye-catchy yet organized packaging design, one has to make sure the following elements are fulfilled, such as:

1. Simplicity

A lot of people get confused with the term simplicity as minimalism. Simplicity should capture essentialism. Markets are saturated, so as consumers, we need to be very smart, especially in the packaging industry. Myperfectpack provides qualified graphic design services

Pouch packaging should pass the “at a glance test” – potential consumers should get product clarity at a glance about what is it? Its offerings? If a product is related to the health-conscious audience or not, its design should portray that essence.

To successfully pass at a “glance test”, pouch packaging should satisfy the below elements:

Ist Brand Name: Brand announcement should be made gently. The brand should not overpower; it should be evident and relevant. A handwritten font, enhanced by the playful orange-haired mascot, portrays a lot about company type.

IInd Product: As you can see product name is very bold and sizeable .letterpress style gives you a sense of handmade and carefully made feel. If the images are real and fresh, they create a craving and urge to purchase the product.

IIIrd Benefits: Iconography is the best way to communicate benefits that will occupy very less space on the packaging, and customers prefer visual information to text. A lot of information on packaging can dilute the impact of your interests. So make certain benefits as precise and iconic based. In this case, benefits in an iconic form such as gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and high fibre.

IVth Flavour: Bright and vibrant colours are used to add that energy to packaging design. Bright colours also attract customers’ attention, and if products are for kids, they should imbibe a playful and colourful theme that will attract kids.

In this way, package design should have a linear structure that will visually help the design digest.

2. Sentences should be short

Life is so hectic that we don’t have time to read the poetic or confusing text. Precise and being on the point creates a fast path to reach the window of the consumer’s mind.

Hippeas is the best example of maintaining short text and yet communicating all relevant information.

3. Colours

Snacking industry is flying with flavour sensations, and millennials have an excellent appetite for flavour adventures, from spicy flavours to culturally diverse options are available. These qualities are translated well through responsive typography and bright colour palettes for strong impact.

Depending on snack ingredients, colour can also be used accordingly as this will create a connection between the product inside and outside packaging design.

4. Specialized Printing

Alone package designing cannot withstand on its own – it needs to print in such a way that it brings life to packaging design. Specialized printing allows for high–impact graphics, bright colours and 360 degrees of composition. Images, marketing, nutritional information and brand story can be depicted effectively with specialized printing.

Advantages of Pillow Pouch Packaging

  1. Lightweight, occupies less shelve space, easy to distribute and transport.

  2. Flexible pouches can customize as per individual brand and its preferences

  3. Pillow pouches are suitable for various products in different markets.

  4. Machines which manufacture pillow pouches are very economical. Its operations are also very easy; hence, manpower with moderate skill can also execute.

  5. Pouch packaging gives a complete visual presentation at one glance as the front of the pack is immediately visible in stores.

  6. Display of pillow pouch on shelves can be either displayed as pouches being hung, stacked or through hanging holes. It will make the product look eye-catchy and attractive.

  7. Pillow pouches have high resistance to temperature pressure.

  8. Packaging consists of Lamination and Metalized lining, which keeps excess moisture away from the product allowing the product to stay fresh for longer.

Pouches are Highly Versatile: Used for Different Products Packaging

One of the biggest reasons pouches are so popular across various industries is their massive versatility. Pouch packaging is easily widely used across so many sectors, and here is a quick brief on how different industries leverage this excellent packaging choice for their products!

  • Food Packaging

The biggest priority of food packaging is to ensure that it efficiently retains the product’s value and highlights the benefits of the food product when it reaches the consumers’ doorstep!

With efficient pouches, you can minimise space, volume and weight. This maximises the retail value and eliminates possible damage during transit.

  • Coffee Packaging

Coffee products need a prolonged shelf life wherein the freshness is retained for longer years or at least months. If the pouches are of good quality, you can expect seals on all four corners, including the front and back panels, that not only help retain the quality but is also an efficient choice for smooth label application.

It also reduces the chances of contamination that may penetrate the pouch by removing the gas usually generated by roasted coffee beans which is a major requirement for coffee brands to succeed.

There are plenty of brands for snacks out there. Hence, the #1 reason for using pouches in the snack industry is to stand out from the rest. It attracts the maximum attention and builds higher brand awareness. You have space for high-resolution graphics to entice the consumers and add all the necessary nutritional information about your product to earn the trust of your customers.

With the zipper closures of pouches, you can effectively protect your snacks against moisture, odour, spills, and punctures, which are some of the major reasons why consumers discard a major percentage of snacks.

Furthermore, these pouches are easier to carry on any journey. Convenience is tripled with pouch packaging as consumers can easily re-seal the pack on the go!

Pouch packaging is among the leading choices across most cannabis brands for various reasons. For example, it gives ample space to companies to display the necessary warning signs, nutritional value, ingredient lists, dosage, potency information, expiration dates, standard serving limits and symbols. It’s extremely important to mention every piece of information for products containing marijuana and other cannabis.

  • Packaging for cleaning products

Flexible pouch packaging offers eco-conscious solutions to most cleaning products that also simultaneously protect the cleaning chemicals, resulting in safer and easier dispensation whenever used.

It also makes the packaging ergonomic and can be customised across various quantities depending on the consumer’s requirement. Hence, pouches are the best possible solution for packaging your cleaning products.

Most clothing items accumulate dust, dirt and water during the transit process, which is one of the most common reasons for a higher number of returns in any brand. Pouch packaging with suitable materials protects the clothing items from dust, dirt, wear and tear. This offers customers peace of mind as they can be assured that the product will reach them in the best quality possible!

Pouches are practical and popular solutions for most pet products! It is the best choice for dry products like kibble or treats, semi-moist products like meat-based food products or liquids like soups! There are several advantages such as convenience, larger capacity compared to the packaging size, longer shelf life and more.

Apart from the items mentioned above, Myperfectpack pouches are the best choice for almost any type of packaging due to their versatile benefits. Be it extending the shelf life and keeping the product safe and sound for the consumers to give adequate opportunity to make the packaging design the star on the retail shelves and attract the maximum consumers over other brands.


Flexible packaging in emerging digital technology will significantly enhance service and manufacturing models, but its environmental effect will disrupt the flexible packaging industry. We all purchase chips, consume them, and dispose of them by just throwing packets anywhere, leading to pollution. Companies should focus on manufacturing eco-friendly packages, yet consumers should ensure correct measures in terms of disposing of packages. Together we can create a beautiful ecological system with pure and worthy surroundings.

If you plan to design pouch packaging, you can get in touch with Myperfectpack graphic designer

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