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Find the perfect labels for your products & packaging

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

There are plenty of finishing options for product labels, but there’s only one that’s perfect for your design. Let’s break down the differences between these types of label finishes and why one might be the best option for your products

With so many label materials on the market, choosing the right one for your product packaging can be overwhelming. So we’ve put together some of the most popular label materials, the benefits they provide, and what format they’re available in to help you select the correct material for your products.

Whether you want to order custom printed labels, Myperfectpack labels come in any shape, size, quantity, and format you need, all online.

There are some things to consider before choosing your label material. Along with the look and feel you want to convey, there are many other factors to think about.

  • Do your products need chilling or are they used near water?

  • Do you want your label to have a photo-quality finish or matte foundation?

  • Are you using a clear container?

  • Do you want a luxurious, upscale look?

  • Are your products fordisplay on a shelf or online?

No matter what look you want to achieve, myperfectpack has the label material for your job. Check out the options below to find the right fit for your products, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We’ve separated our label materials below into two categories: paper labels and film/vinyl labels.


Paper substrates are generally used for indoor applications. They offer a relatively short lifespan and can only handle limited exposure to moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and extreme temperatures. Paper labels are, however, available in a wide range of colors and they usually cost less. Also, you can add laminates and varnishes as topcoats to make the paper labels more durable. You can get any shape , size & in colour from myperfectpack . Order today from Myperfectpack

Glossy White Paper

If your label design uses vivid colors and sharp imagery, a glossy white label can make it pop. Glossy labels are great for getting your products seen on shelves, as the shiny finish adds a layer of sheen to an already striking look.

This material is available in all formats. You can order myperfectpack's glossy paper on custom printed labels from myperfectpack. You can customized your blank labels by the sheet

Matte White Paper

When you’ve got a great design, the clean surface of a matte white label provides a great canvas. With this popular option, you can add splashes of color, or use the white space as part of your design. Adding your text on a white background is easier to read, such as when calling out product ingredients. This material is available in all formats. You can order custom printed labels from myperfectpack

Silver Metallic Paper

Give your product labels a polished sheen with silver metallic paper labels. The metallic print reflects light and provides a high-quality look. Available in a matte or glossy finish, this material is resistant to sun, water, oil and is freezer safe. You can order custom printed silver paper labels on rolls, printable silver labels by the sheet, or in Myperfectpack in-store packs

Film & Vinyl ( Non Tearable )

When you need a more durable label, film labels are the way to go. They are waterproof, tearproof, and resistant to oils, UV, sun, and fading. Film labels can stand up to water and moisture without ruining printed inks. They also last much longer than paper labels when exposed to harsher elements. Our flexible, squeezable, and conformable film labels prevent wrinkling and peeling on squeeze bottles and other curved or oddly shaped containers. Or check out myperfectpack's luxurious metallic or glowing holographic labels.

White Film ( Non Tearable)

Does your product drip or ooze or is it frozen or dunked in the water? That’s when a durable, waterproof label performs best. White film labels make your design stand out while resisting scratches, tears, and extreme temperatures.

Myperfectpack’s white film labels are available professionally printed on rolls in our BOPP polypropylene material or on sheets in a PET polyester. You can give order print online them with myperfectpack .

Clear Film

Clear labels blend in with the surface so your design has a printed-on look. When used on transparent containers, clear film labels are a brilliant way to showcase the quality of the actual product inside while providing a no-label look.

Myperfectpack’s clear labels are available in matte or glossy finishes and can be ordered professionally printed or you can buy printable labels by the sheet

Custom Vinyl Stickers

When you want to promote your business, club, sports team, or activity, custom vinyl stickers are the way to go. Myperfectpack’s stickers are individually die-cut to your exact shape and size up to 13x 19 Inches . The waterproof stickers are matte-coated for protection against scuffing and tearing.

For smaller projects that you want to do at home, try our retail packs of sticker project paper or our Printed / full-sheet labels in one of our waterproof materials.

With a variety of label materials and finishes to choose from,Myperfectpack can help you make the right choice for your product


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