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Packaging Dictionary

Assorted pack” means any package or container containing multiple units of different food products intended and displayed for retail sale and complies with the general labelling requirement specified in regulation

“Best before date” means the date which signifies the end of the period under any stated storage conditions during which the food product shall remain fully marketable and shall retain any specific qualities for which tacit or express claims have been made, and beyond that date, the food may still be perfectly safe to consume, though, its quality may have diminished. However, the product shall not be sold if any stage the product become unsafe

"Children or child” means a person under the age of 18 years as defined in Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.

Explanation- The applicability of the age limit for specific category of food may be indicated in the relevant regulation, under the broad category of children

“Date of manufacture” means the date on which the food products become the product as described

Date of packaging” means the date on which the food product is placed in the immediate container in which it will be ultimately sold.

“e-commerce” means buying and selling of goods and services over digital and electronic network.

“Foods for catering purposes” means those foods for use in restaurants, canteens, schools, hospitals, quick service restaurants (QSR), home delivery operators, caterers and similar institutions where food is offered for immediate consumption.

“Front of Pack” means part of the package that faces forward (in the principal field of vision) and is typically the first thing a consumer will see when they look at the product”

“Infant” means a person not more than twelve months of age.

“Labelling” means any written, printed or graphic matter that is present on the label, accompanies the food or is displayed near the food.

“Lot number” or “code number” or “batch number” means the identification mark depicted shown on the label by the use of numeral or alphabet or combinations thereof, brief preceded by “Lot number” or “code number” or “batch number” or any unique identification marks such as Batch No., B. No., L. No., Lot No., Code, LN, CN or BN, B No by which the food can be traced in manufacture and identified in distribution.

“Multi-unit package” means a package containing two or more individually packaged or labelled units of the same food commodity of identical and / or different, net quantity intended and displayed for retail sale either in individual units or package as a whole and complies with the general labelling requirement specified in regulation.

“Non-retail containers” means any container that is not intended to be offered for direct sale to the consumer. The food in the non-retail container is for further business activities before being offered to the consumer.

"Non-vegetarian food” means an article of food which contains whole or part of any animal including birds, insects, fresh water or marine animals or eggs or products of any animal origin, but does not include milk, milk products, honey or bees wax or carnauba wax or shellac.

“Package/container” means a pre-packed box, bottle, jar, casket, tin, barrel, case, pouch, receptacle, sack, bag, wrapper or such other things in which an article of food is packed.

“Recommended dietary allowances (RDA)” means the average daily dietary nutrient intake level sufficient to meet the nutrient requirement of nearly all (97 to 98 per cent.) healthy individuals in a particular life stage and gender group.

Explanations. - For the purposes of this clause, RDA values as provided in current Indian Council of Medical Research Nutrient Requirements and Recommended Dietary Allowances for Indians shall be applicable and if Indian recommended dietary allowances are not available for any nutrient, then values provided in Codex or World Health Organization guidelines shall be applicable.

“Pre-packaged food” means food, which is placed in a package of any nature, in such a manner that the contents cannot be changed without tampering it and which is ready for sale to the consumer.

Note: The expression “package” wherever it occurs in these Regulations, shall be construed as package containing prepackaged food articles.

“Principal display panel” means that part of the container/package which is intended or likely to be displayed or presented or shown or examined by the customer under normal and customary conditions of display, sale or purchase of the food article contained therein.

“Retail pack” or “Retail unit” means the packages which are intended for sale to ultimate consumer for the purpose of consumption of the food contained therein.

“Use by” or “expiry” means the date, which signifies the end of the estimated period under any stated storage conditions, after which the product may not remain safe, and the food product probably will not have

Version-III (01.07.2022)

the quality of safety attributes normally expected by the consumers and the food, shall not be sold or distributed for human consumption.

“Vegetarian food” means any article of food other than Non-Vegetarian Food as defined in these regulations.

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Other Important words to understand for printing :

Adobe Illustrator (AI) file — Adobe Illustrator is a design program used to create vector images (which you will need for printing). Files created in this program have a .ai extension. You will need Adobe Illustrator to open these files. (If you don’t have it, that’s okay! Your printer will.)

Barcodes (UPC and EAN) — Barcodes are those groups of lines on any package. They have machine-readable data on them that stores information about the product, including price. There are several different types of barcodes, including UPC (Universal Product Code)—the predominant barcode in North America—and the EAN (International Article Number (it was originally “European,” hence the E)—a global barcode. You may wish to apply for these before you get your packaging designed.

Bleed — In printing, you use a bleed when your design goes to the edge of your paper (or box, or wrapper). In this case, designers will actually add a little extra design to the edges (the “bleed”) so that when the design is printed and cut to the right size there’s some room for error if the cuts are a few millimeters off.

Canister — A round or cylindrical container, typically made of metal, and used for storing things like food and chemicals. But now you don't need to spend cost on Canister as Myperfectpack use advance digital technology .

CMYK — Stands for cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and key (black). These are the four colors used in printing. Each color has a CYMK code that a printer will use to help color match between your design and the finished package.

Dielines —The flattened pattern of your product packaging. Designers and printers use them to create the proper layout for a package. Now no more DIE need to prepare .

EPS — Stands for encapsulated postscript. This is a file extension for vector-based images. They can generally only be opened in specialized graphic design programs.

Digital printing — A modern printing method wherein information about the file is sent to a printer digitally and each piece of packaging is run individually through that printer. Digital printing is great for small-runs and short turn around times. Often times, the more traditional offset printing is more affordable for larger print runs. Myperfectpack uses advance digital printer and give all advantages to customer .

Offset printing — A printing technique wherein plates of your design are created in four colors (CMYK). These plates are then run through a large, industrial printer. Offset printing has high setup costs (i.e. the plates need to be created), but in large volumes (usually over 10,000 or so pieces) .

Pantone — Pantone is a company that created the Pantone Matching System (PMS). The PMS is a catalogue of standardized printing colors. Each color has an assigned number and can be reproduced nearly identically by any printer.

PDF — Stands for portable document format. It’s a versatile file format that be either a vector or raster (you want vector for packaging!) and supports both images and text. PDFs can be opened on nearly any computer.

Raster file type — Raster images are made up of thousands of tiny dots (pixels). As such, they are difficult to resize.

RGB — Stands for red, green and blue, the three primary colors (that can be combined to create all other colors) in light, and therefore on digital screens. RGB or hex codes are used to identify colors in digital spaces; they can be converted into CMYK and Pantone color codes for printing.

Vector file type — Vector images are made up of lines. As such, they are easy to resize.

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