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Three Side Seal Pouches

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Three side seal pouches

Myperfectpack is a leading name in successfully meeting the emerging market requirements of Three Side Seal Pouches. These are made sizes colour available by us in different shapes, and size as well as color options and can be easily sealed from all three sides thus ensuring the item packed inside is safe from the possible contaminants. Moreover, these pouches are also leak-proof in the finish, thus making these widely demanded among different industrial packaging applications.

3 side seal pouches have more packaging capacity

3 side seal pouches are made from one-piece film

3 side seal pouches are normally not gusseted

Benefits of 3 Side Seal Pouches

3-side seal pouches have an array of benefits that have revolutionized packaging industry such as:

  1. 3-side seal pouches are versatile packaging solutions that can be used with different products.

  2. They are light in weight compared to the rigid packaging products hence they add a negligible weight to the product.

This in turn does not affect the overall weight hence making transportation inexpensive.

  1. You can easily customize the pouches to fit your needs or product preference in terms of size, color, design, and shape.

  2. 3-side seal pouches are made from materials whose major characteristics is excellent barrier against environmental factors.

  3. They have better temperature tolerance hence can be heat sealed without damaging the pouches.

  4. Maintain product freshness for longer due to the aluminum lining in the inner layer.

  5. 3-side seal pouches are made from readily available materials which do not cost much thus are generally inexpensive.

  6. They are user friendly as dispensing products is easy due to the availability of different closure options.

  7. The materials are stable hence do not react with any packaged product.

  8. They have been tested and found to be safe for packaging products for human consumption.

Limitations of 3 Side Seal Pouches

3-side seal pouches cannot be recycled due to difficulty in separating the combined material into single layers.

You cannot use most of them in microwaves.

Uses of 3 Side Seal Pouches

3 side seal pouches are used for packaging both food and non-food items.

The food items include; candies, chips-snacks, meat, sugar, green peas, etc. Non-food items include; drugs, beauty cream, seeds, toys, among others.

Best Material for 3 Side Seal Pouch

You can choose up to four film material laminations that best suits your products’ packaging needs.

They include polyethylene terephthalate (PET), foil, kraft paper, polyester (poly), aluminum, nylon, etc.

Some of the layerings we offer are:

  • PET/Poly is very versatile but a bit rigid.

  • Kraft paper/Poly/ 120 GSM Paper: give a very strong pouch with great mechanical strength. They are also available in brown, white or black colours.

The chosen materials possess qualities such as;

  • Good temperature tolerance.

  • Have great structural strength.

  • Are able to protect against external factors such as moisture, light, dust, bacteria, etc.

Digital Printing on 3 Side Seal Pouchsurfaces

This involves direct printing of digital images or text on media surfaces such as plastic, paper, fabric, etc.

The image to be printed is sent to the digital printing machine as a digital file in form of a PDF.

The artworks to be printed are created digitally using computer software hence eliminating several steps present in traditional printing methods.

Digital printing machine utilizes cyan, magenta black and yellow (CMYK) colours to print images or texts.

The digital printing option is cost-effective, faster, ideal for small orders, and leaves a clear high-quality finish.

Surface Finish Options for Three Side Seal Pouches

The type of surface finish for the 3-side seal pouches is dependent on what you want to achieve.

There are two surface finish options such as matte and glossy.

1. Matte Finish

Matte finish is a smooth, dull but sophisticated surface treatment that exude some level of professionalism.

They are not shiny hence they do not have a blinding effect to consumers especially in sunlight.

They offer great printing surface for images and texts hence it is easier to read font on matte pouches.

The disadvantage of using matte finish is that they tend to be dull thus making the graphics dull too.

Besides, they are more expensive than the glossy finish.

2. Glossy Finish

Unlike a matte finish, a glossy finish is a shiny, high profile and slightly textured look of the pouch’s outer layer.colourful They are highly waterproof, attractive, and stand out easily on a shelf.

If you intend to have colorful artwork on your 3-side seal pouch then a glossy finish is recommended.

This is because the glossy background will enhance your prints giving them a brighter and quality image.

Besides, they are also great when introducing a new product in the market because they will easily attract customers.

Quality materials are used to achieve a glossy look therefore, your products are guaranteed safety and enhanced barrier against environmental factors.

The downside of using glossy finish is they tend to shine hence making it difficult to read the instructions.

They are also prone to dirt from fingerprints and are costly.

How to Fill and Hand-fill Seal 3-Side Seal Pouches

You can fill your 3-side seal pouches by hand or machine depending on the volume of products.

Low-volume products can be hand-filled while high-volume products are filled by a machine.

3 side seal pouch filling machine

To hand fill your products, you need measuring vessels to ensure uniformity in your packed products.

The vessels can be spoons or jugs depending on the product status such as liquid, powder or solids.

Once you fill the pouches, you can seal them by hand as per the closure method or a heat-sealing machine.Heat sealers apply heat in sealing the pouches and are available either in small volumes or automated for big factories.

When using automated machines, it is possible to vacuum seal the pouches by sucking out air from the pouches.

Once the pouches are filled, they are moved to the sealing area to remove excess air and the pouches are sealed accordingly.

Sealing can be done with a Seal band machine or a normal hand sealer.

pouch sealing machine

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