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Hexagonal Jar (45ml,250 ml)

The  hexagonal shape glass jars of 63 mm Lug Neck are well suited for packing spices, honey, dry fruits, candies and chocolates, desserts, etc. These glass jars are 100% food grade, flint (clear), 100% toxic free and lead-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and easy to wash and clean.

Hexagonal Jar

PriceFrom £0.19
Excluding Taxes |
  • Capacity:45 ml ,250 ml
    Height:278 +/- 6 ml98 +/- 2 mm
    Width:79.7 +/- 2 mm

    Weight: 0.063 kg
    Glass Bottle Color: Flint
    Neck Size:63 mm
    Neck Type:Lug


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